XMD General

We do offer a refund for special circumstances. Please email [email protected] with your case.
You can download the latest from your LifeTime library on Gumroad, Cubebrush or XMDSource.
Yes. Please do! I run out of ideas occasionally.
You can request access if you are a paid member only. However, please answer the questions it asks you.https://www.facebook.com/groups/XMDMember/
The LifeTime Membership is a one time fee.
No. ZBrush brushes are not compatible with Sculptris.
No. ZBrush brushes are not compatible with Core.
We currently only have an affiliate program on Gumroad. Please email us at [email protected]

XMD ToolBox

There is no Mac Version yet. We are currently exploring avenues to get it developed.
Installing the ToolBox is simple. Run the executable. Add your brush and alpha folder location in the settings menu and go to town organizing!
Yes. We will be adding a ton of new features later this year!
Yes. It has been tested and works very well in 2018. If you encounter any problems upgrading, first check your installation directory in the settings. If all else fails, uninstall and reinstall the ToolBox.
This is a false positive. Since the ToolBox is a new installer, it might be flagged as an unknown file. This is not a virus, as long as you got it from XMDSource, Gumroad, or Cubebrush). We will be purchasing a Microsoft Certificate soon that will fix this issue.
YES! Use the XMD Source Store button in the ToolBox. As long as you are an XMD Source Member, you can download straight from the ToolBox.
This is usually caused by a file error. Try opening the file in Photoshop and resaving it.
Download the ToolBox from XMDSource, Cubebrush or Gumroad.
For now just set up a Hotkey in ZBrush. We may add this feature later.
Simply upgrade to the latest ToolBox automatically by closing and reopening it. Then change the install location of ZBrush in your ToolBox setting. Restart both the ToolBox and ZBrush.
There are hotkeys for the ToolBox. They can be found here.
The ToolBox is now absolutely free! Grab it here! https://www.xmdsource.com
You can just unfavorite them in the default tab and they will be removed.