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A Free ZBrush Plugin Made by ZBrush Users for You.

It’s the perfect solution to organize all your brushes and alphas. Speed up your productivity and streamline your artist workflow. It’s a better way to ZBrush. 

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If you want to organize your ZBrushes & gain a better workflow, this plugin will take out the guesswork. 

Here’s what the ToolBox has to offer:

Quickly access the brushes you need, when you need them.

XMD ToolBox gives you an easier way of exploring your brush library so you know what brushes you have at your disposal. Save time by not having to dig through your brushes, and spend more time sculpting.

Increase your productivity.

Create favorite sets! ToolBox gives you the ability to Add custom descriptions to brushes and alphas. This is a great way to keep favorite brushes handy at all times. You can also use this to organize specific brushes you are using on a project or scene.

Store a mind-blowing amount of brushes.

No more picking and choosing what brushes to load. Store 1000's of brushes and alphas. The ToolBox supports any brush, not just XMD brushes.

What People Say About the XMDToolBox

"The ToolBox is so easy to use! You just click and bam, the brush is loaded in ZBrush. So many ways to organize too! Crazy amount of filters!"
Vivian Price
"Michael Dunnam, along with the ToolBox and his brushes are a fantastic resource. I love that fact that he is constantly updating his product. He worked with me to create a set of Lunar brushes, that I used to complete a game I am working on called Life on Moon."
Richard Wright, RAW Creative Media
"This has changed ZBrush forever. The impact of how I feel sculpting and choosing my tools so easily I feel like it's amazing how this didn't come sooner. Great job!"
Garry Lewis

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