XMD is the brainchild of 3D Environment & VFX Artist, Michael Dunnam. The CG Industry is growing at a substantially fast pace and Zbrush is at the forefront of the movement. Pixologic’s customers are growing at a tremendous rate, the annual Zbrush Summit has people traveling from all around the world to the event and viewers Live Streaming from around the globe. 

Michael Dunnam has been an active member in the Zbrush community listening to what the artist wanted and needed. Having used ZBrush since 2005, Michael began to experiment with creating custom brushes in 2012. Being one of the first to create and give away custom brushes, Michael needed a way to stand out. Since ZBrush uses the first letter of the brush name as a hotkey, X seemed like a logical choice. And who doesn’t love a good X? Behold! XMD was at that moment, born! (MD being his initials of course).It was not long after, over 100,000 downloads of his brush sets in the first few months, that Michael saw the great business potential.

With ZBrush’s fast pace growth in an attempt to meet the demands of their customers and technology, issues arose that the developers could not keep up with. One main problem area with ZBrush is the start up speed with artist’s large collection of brushes, alphas and tools. Another notable problem is the organization of the software. There is just no way to keep all your files streamlined, organized, easy to locate for artist inside Zbrush.  In 2016, Michael focused on organization and the concept of the ToolBox was born. In just two short years of development has brought it to its current state and has over 10,000 users.


  • You get a ton of brushes! Over 1350!
  • Over 750 Alphas!
  • XMD ToolBox plugin for ZBrush
  • Access to the Facebook Private XMD Group
  • Behind the Scenes of what I am working on.
  • Get to chat with others in the industry.
  • Get to vote on upcoming brush sets.
  • 100s of Member Only ZBrush brushes.
  • Get to chat with me.
  • I show Work in Progress of current brushes.
  • You can get feedback on how to use any of my brushes (or how I intended them)
  • Take part in a quickly growing community! Everyone is very friendly 
  • This set includes everything and I mean everything!