XMD ToolBox

XMD ToolBox


This is Version 2.0 of the XMD ToolBox Plugin for ZBrush.

If you are looking for the Free ToolBox version 1.x, follow this link here.

The XMD ToolBox is the ultimate organizational tool for ZBrush. In combination with the XMD Membership, The ToolBox becomes an amazing resource you soon won’t be able to live without!

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XMD ToolBox v2 Features

  • macOS and Windows Compatible!

  • Compatibility with the latest ZBrush 2021

  • Added support for Brushes, Alphas, Lightcaps, Matcaps, Projects, Tools, Fibers, Textures and more!

  • Add a description for any asset

  • Save your assets in favorite tabs for ease of use

  • Name and browse your ZBrush UI customizations

  • Tag any asset for quick filtering

  • filter brushes by type

  • Search by name

XMD Source Features

  • Easily install XMD Brush sets

  • Download individual brushes

  • Download straight from the ToolBox

  • Grab an XMD Membership to get the full experience!

Check out the Release Notes Here

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